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Twirl – on Facebook

Exams are nearing. I knew it would become very addictive! I really don’t know what happens to me during my study holidays, I watch stupid movies, read insane blogs, play funny games.

This little game called twirl is a Facebook App. Everytime you are given a six lettered jumble word and your goal is to make all possible anagrams using atleast 3 out of the six letters. If you manage to get the jumbled complete 6 lettered anagram you get to go the next round, and so on.

I played this for about 5 hours hoping I could make it to the top 50 leaderboard. Made it to the 36th spot!

My name on twirl leaderboard

Twirl Leaderboard

Finally I am bugged of this highly addictive game! Yawn yawn..

Signing off.


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