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Is your watch/clock fast or slow?

It is my final semester of Engineering. Most exciting and most boring semester of Engineering at the same time. It is not very uncommon to keep staring at watches, mine and sometimes others’ just to make sure my watch is running.

Many a times my friends ask me if my watch is proper! Fasta slowna?
(Is it fast or slow) is one of the most common questions accompanied with What time is it?
I spent some time wondering about it. Actually MOST of the times our watches are neither fast nor slow, it’s either ahead or lagging in time. Imagine your watch is fast. Generally it is said so if the actual time is say 12:40 PM and the time on your watch is 12:50 PM, if your watch is actually fast after 10 minutes it should read more than 1 PM. Got my point?

So the word is ahead or lagging. 🙂

I feel the word fast/slow is very much misused when it comes to time on time pieces. My 2 cents..

Do you agree? Please pen your opinions.

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