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I found this Dictionary cum thesaurus cum pronunciation guide called Wordweb around 6 months back, and have been using this to find quick meaning or pronunciations of weird words.

It has 2 versions, free and pro.Free versions has some limitations, of course!

You can search for words like p?d and it will return results like pad, pod. Now isn’t that handy while solving a crossword?

The pro version also has an anagram solver; but all these are not the reasons I blogged about it.

Today, I got a window alert saying that free trial has ended and I have to answer a question to continue.
Then I was presented with a question asking me how often I fly. I was dumbfounded ! Why would it want to know this? I honestly answered that I have never flown.

And then, it allowed me to use wordweb till I fly not more than 2 flights an year. Lol, what a way to decide that I can’t afford nor care to buy a pro version. Clever thinking Indeed. I had the screen shot, and unfortunately pressed the print screen again before saving it.

If any of you do download and use that utility, and encounter this funny situation in the future. Please send me a screenshot.

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