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Spice Telecom to become Idea

I used to have 2 connections, Vodafone and Spice. I switched from Vodafone to Spice completely a year ago, when Vodafone confidently claimed that my number which I had been using since 3 years was actually registered in some Tom’s name! Moreover, Vodafone network was terrible in my locality and Spice had a good offer going on..So I jumped to Spice, and have never looked back. Contrary to what many people still believe, the network is quite good and the tariffs competitive.

Like icing on a cake, Idea acquired Spice and soon Spice is going to become Idea in Karnataka. I am sure most of you know how good Idea service is. They are the best Service providers in their regions of operation. I am happy coz my number is not going to vanish into thin air. I am looking forward for some amazing services from Idea.

I saw some tariff plans for Idea customers. I am disappointed they do not have Free SMS offers! I hope my Spice plan remains in place for the next 2 years atleast.

Surely, An Idea is going to change my life one way or the other.


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