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Lab internals, weekend classes in Microsoft and long X-box gaming sessions after that and add to that the sify night-only play! My internet time has somewhat reduced this week 😦 Here’s the gist of latest news I found online..

What if Matrix ran on Windows – a nice video created by a College students..

Got attendance shortage in 2 subjects – I have less than 36 classes of attendance. If there is any PESIT junior reading this, this is the PESIT’s magic attendance formula. They don’t care how %age of attendance you have actually. Just the magic number 36. Make sure you attend at least 36 classes, else you will have to run around the department to get your hall ticket.

Watched Dostana (hindi Movie) – big disappointment for me; supposedly a box office hit.

IT Crowd Season 3 has started and I am happy to see my fav serials back on air again. Started Dexter some time back, good show – but people who can’t stand gore, try to staw away from this.

Yawn Yawn.. Its 0340 hrs IST!! Very slywej[wey. adoooooozeee

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