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EU accuses Microsoft of harming browser competition

The European Commission accused Microsoft Corp on Friday of stymieing competition by bundling its Internet Explorer Web browser with Windows systems.

This sounds ridiculous to me. I do agree there should be competition, for competition leads to better products. But, this is definitely not the way to kill it. There are umpteen applications which depends on IE internally for their smooth functioning. The ones I use, Winamp – to browse, Feedreader and Yahoo! Messenger – to play games. They all load IE in background.

Don’t believe me? Try disconnecting your internet connection while you are browsing. You will find an IE connection error page. Surprised?

Apart from this reason, say you don’t want to use IE for some reason, and wish to download Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari/What have you. How would you go about downloading it?I know some geeks will give me a top 10 list on how to do it, but Windows is not only for Geeks!

Internet Explorer is provided with Windows to provide a good out of the box experience. Every Operating system bundles a browser with it ! Most Linux distributions bundle Firefox with it, is it to crush Konqueror? Apple bundles Safari. Why is no one raising questions about them?

To make the long story short, I strongly believe a decision to exclude Internet Explorer will prove to be a disaster and strongly against the Goal of any Operating System : To provide a good User Experience.

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