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My new best friend : Digsby

Digsby is a multi-protocol IM + Social + E-mail manager. It is a single application which can almost replace your browser and your array of Instant Messengers.

I got to know about Digsby through a tweet from my friend Prashanth.

Here is a screen shot :


Hover on the Email providers list and it will pop out your inbox. You can preview your messages in the pop-up window. Digsby also lets you perform basic operations like Open, Delete, Report Spam and Mark as unread straight from the client.

The IM is more or less like any other Multi protocol client viz Pidgin.

Make sure you uncheck Show Icon in Tray under general preferences if you don’t want to clutter your taskbar.

A well implemented pop up unlike the others from Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and others lets you reply while you are browsing without switching windows. This is one of the features I really liked.

A nice option added which asks you what to do when you are running a Full Screen Application. I hate Gtalk disturbing me when I playing a game, hence I have disabled all notifications when I am in full screen mode. Really useful for gamers who are Gtalk addicts.

You can also send an email to any of your contacts right from digsby. It won’t open a browser window.

The now playing status message also works flawlessly. It grabbed the song name from KMPlayer. My Gtalk used to crash whenever I tried using that option.

It takes around 40 MB of memory with 3-4 chat windows open.


  • Invsible mode doesn’t work for Gtalk yet!! Come on Google..Clean up your APIs.
  • No Buzz!. Not there in other IM as well except Yahoo. Would be a real good addition.
  • Cannot initiate conference chats. Haven’t tried joining one yet.

That is all I can think of right now. It’s a real good addition or should I say replacement for your list of desktop applications.

Highly Recommended

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