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Movie reviews

After some deep thought, I have decided to add a section called movie reviews. Here you will find reviews of movies which are not necessarily new..

Starting with the movies I watched last week

1. To kill a mocking bird :
 rating 7.5/10

Amazing acting. A very simple script, might be boring to watch on a dull day. About American culture during the Depression. Incredibly simple, simply incredible.. Must watch, if not now, atleast in your life time. Based on a book which won the Pulitzer prize some time back.

2. The Sixth Sense :
    Rating : 9/10
   A story about life after death. Psychology. The best ending I have ever seen. You need to watch the movie twice to appreciate the care taken in directing the scenes. Brilliant acting by the kid and Bruce Willis. Brilliant script. I thought this was overrated before watching this, I was wrong. Way to go Manoj N Shyamalan..

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Updating long after I got placed in Accenture.

After deciding not to write neither Infosys/Wipro coz I hate them both; I decided upon writing Accenture..

Written – GD – HR Interview – Tech Interview .. Got over at 11 PM !! I was one among the 20 selected from my college!! I had actually planned to write only Atos Origin.. I am glad Atos Origin didn’t come !! No regrets..

*Placement process still underway 😛 Tier 2 and 1 are still open for me.. waiting for a nice(r) company to work for..

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Here is a list of my favourite applications, its not exhautive though.

Media Player : The KMPlayer

This is the best media player I have seen so far, mind you I have used VLC, Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, Zoom, etc etc. The number of options you find in this is really amazing. It has very good audio and video filters which can be customized, drag and drop support for subtitles, subtitles position setting, subtitle syncing which I have found to be most useful.

It plays whatever you throw at it, loads videos with similar names automatically, i.e., if you have ????s01e01 after it is finished ????s01e02 gets loaded automatically if its in the same folder. Another feature which impressed me a lot is that “After Playback” feature. It lets you choose the action which it has to perform after completing the current playlist/track/movie which includes a simple exit, shutdown and others.

Highly Recommended

Download Link : Click here

Browser : Mozilla / Opera

Its not a secret that Windows Internet Explorer is buggy and prone to attack by malacious codes. Managing Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) is a nightmare. I strongly suggest using Mozilla Firefox 3.1 which eventhough crashes sometimes if used with lots of plugins, is a decent browser. The best part of it (sometimes also the worst) is the ability to add add-ons.

download link : http://www.mozilla.com

Opera : The best out there

Opera is not only intuitive but also beautiful with all the features you can think of. I sometimes feel Opera has all those ‘plug-ins and add ons’ of Mozilla built into it. Most Compatible with the latest standards, available on multiple platforms, ability to configure ‘speed dial’ are some of the pros worth mentioning.

download link : http://www.opera.com

Uhff.. My hands are aching, hence I will just mention some nice applications. Google it for download links 😀

Music Player : Foobar 2000

Dictionary : WordWeb

Bit Torrent Client : uTorrent

Image Viewer : Irfan View

Antivirus : Bitdefender/Kaspersky

FTP Client : Cute FTP

C++ IDE : Bloodshed Dev C++ : light and powerful

Signing off now.. More Gyaan later..

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What do I do??

Lot of people bug me asking about what I do online! My lecturers never stop asking the class ‘odhad bitre nimgenu kelsa irathe?’ ( What work do you have other than studying?)

So here goes the list…

1.Tech forums-

I have become a bit addicted to tech forum these days, trying to find out more about products and stuff ranging from iPhones to nuts and bolts.  I feel like living in a virtual world when people who you have never seen before answer your questions with all the interest in the world..

2.Private Tracker-

This was(maybe is) a short term addiction. I like their policy – ‘stop leeching start sharing’ .. Its a nice thing that there are a lot of private torrents which offer amazing share ratios and to keep you contented they initially gift you with 5 GB upload to keep you in good health.. Sad that Demonoid.com isn’t up, it isn’t working from about a week after I got an invite!! Thats really sad.. God alone knows how much I have pardhadufied to get an invite.

now I have no patience to type what other things I do..

Let me start ‘ctrl+c ctrl+v’ ing

A nice Objective for people trying for placements :

Objective: Highly personable, results-oriented programmer seeking opportunity to lead or contribute individually on projects or programs involving e-commerce, 3D multiplayer gaming, b2b, web programming or client/server networking with database or other persistence strategies while utilizing my broad background in problem-solving to do pretty much any menial job you’ll give me oh please please please hire me, I’m d-d-des-desp-waaaaaaah!”

 Found this hilarious stuff on a blog by  some fella working in Google..

My chaddi dost Prashanth has started a Company of his own, he has promised to buy some ad space on my blog if I promote it 😀

please visit http://www.naaboo.com .. For hits what else 😀 how will he convince Google to place ads on his site otherwise..

Oh how could I forget this?

I suddenly got all inspired to do a robot, searched online for tips, googled, asked in forum, thought ( don’t laugh) and finally ended up buying 2 motors, and some wire which I have dumped in a bin.. add to this, I bought a toy car.. no no not remote controlled, a simple battery operated toy car for 50 bucks to see how to fit the motor to the wheel..Also ripped a Shaver to find a motor with a asymmetrical load..no luck there..finally got bored of that too.. planning to brag in col tom about how I ripped it…

Prison Break : Season 3

One of my all time favorite shows Prison Break season 3 premiered on my b’day.. well it premiered in US ! So had to wait 2 more days to watch it.. Thanks to Sify Broadband -for people who can’t wait ..I have the worst connection available in India at 128 kbps..:(

Sulking apart, it was a brilliant season premiere, very captivating.. A worse jail, actually the jail in the first season was so homey that all my friends( #include me) wouldn’t actually mind to live there happily…

What more to write in here?? I have to beg people to read my blog :D.. Hey Google Spider, have me for lunch !

Nevertheless to prove myself to myself as a tech savvy, I WILL BE BACK>>>

signing off..

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As most of you might have guessed why I am writing this review, for noodleheads here it goes.. I bought one today and went through every detail of the player and found no review which was extensive, so thought of writing one..

 Transcend T 840

Take a break from those boring plasticy designs from Transcend.. This is a beauty.. I have a black one and it is cased in metal.. It attracts fingerprints so its clever to laminate it..

 It comes in 2 variants 2 GB and 4 GB. 2 GB costs 3400 and 4GB costs 4400.

It plays mp3,wma,wav and videos converted to .mtv format..

 The first thing you will notice about this player as soon as you switch it on is its beautiful looking GUI…Its excellent, even the iPods do not have GUI capability..

 You have a 3 way wheel for navigation which is a breeze, its a very good improvement over sluggish T 630.. You can switch from one song to another very quickly..

The Quality of the display needs special mention, its a 176 x 208 display which is very vibrant.. The video plays in the horizontal orientation thus preserving the widescreen aspect ratio.. I tested it with South Park episode, and Cartman’s voice was crystal clear 🙂

It has a built in Picture and text file veiwer (ebook) and a Radio..

 The T 820 has a jack for external mic and this one lacks it.. Not much use though.. The internal mic is good enough for everyday use..

The earphones reproduce excellent sound but the volume is limited to 100 dB to keep your ear in good shape.. This is one of the cons…

It has a world clock and an equalizer.. The settings are very extensive..

Overall an excellent music player and good video player too.. Transcend is definitely ascending…

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The Illusionist is a very well directed movie with a captivating storyline..Its about a magician who dreams of marrying a duchess, a woman far above him on  the social ladder.

The storyline is very catching and you wont get bored even for a moment… You need to watch the whole movie very carefully to understand it completely.

I dont wanna spoil the fun of watching it by making you read the story..I recommend this movie for people who dont hate DRAMA movies..IMDB rating 7.7

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Hi folks..Had internet trouble like always.. I was enjoying my hols watching a lot of movies and series..I did design a website for Center for Intelligence Systems, PES, Bangalore..It didn’t take much of my time, but spent a good deal of it editing it looking for mistakes..

 have a look.


 This isn’t my way of designing websites, but this was more like designing it so that it looks nice when printed on a paper..

This is another website that I designed.


just to make my blog look a bit bigger, I will add some movie reviews..

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