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A cartoon after a long time. Keep the comments coming.


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Soon after facebook provided a Like option to anything and everything on facebook. I have seen people liking wierd stories!!

I created this graphic in Fireworks, trying to make it look like a facebook update.

When do you know its time to quit facebook and make new friends?

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cartoon : New note on all Press Conference Rooms

cartoon : New note on all Press Conference Rooms

It’s sad that a professional Senior Journalist had to show his anger the wrong way. News article here

Why did I do this cartoon? that’s right. I have my internals test tomorrow and I have nothing better to do 🙂

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Happy Sankranthi to everyone. I got a new BSNL connection today, so far it has been an amazing experience.

My first cartoon post using BSNL connection.

Today's kindergarten Children

Today's kindergarten Children

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Lady Lecturers in VTU

This is dedicated to Lady Lecturers in VTU, who have to do the nappy pads, wash dishes, cook for their loved ones and on top of it have to teach us people.

Situation : In midst of a presentation, the mouse(trackpad… hey but I should use their language :P) goes conk.This is based on a true incident.

PS : The presentation is running in Windowed mode 🙂

Lady lecturer in trouble

There are some more details in the cartoon. Try if you can find them..

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Happy new year folks. This year is nice to me, I am getting a lot of visits to my blog lately. Thanks for the support you have shown me by visiting, and more so by commenting directly on the blog and indirectly by other means as well.

Girls in Engineering College

Girls In Engineering Colleges

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MTV Roadies or Rowdies?

I know there is a large fan following for this show, nevertheless, here it goes. Don’t forget to comment 🙂

MTV Roadies.. Cartoon

Please click on the image to view at full resolution.

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