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5 ‘must have’s in a cubicle


In these 2 months of working, I have tried to make a list of essential stuff to be kept in your cubicle. Things which have helped me a lot, and things which I think will help me in the future :-

  1. Stationery Box : You can find them in any decent stationery store.  A box consisting of some pens, highlighters, sharpened pencils, erasers, staplers, a pair of scissors, a cutter, whitener, eraser and markers.

    Also keep a dozen of your passport photographs with you all the time. You never know when you have to fill that important form right away!

  2. Food-ware : You never know when the food ordered by your team gets delivered without a fork/spoon and plates to use them with!

    Paper plates, a stainless steel fork/spoon (plastic ones are of no use!), paper cups and a bunch of tissues will come a long way in emergencies. Not to forget toothpicks!

  3. Extra pair of clothes: There will be times when you will have to/ feel like staying back at office. So it’s always a good idea to keep a pair of clothes in your office for emergency purposes. Even if you will never have to stay back, an extra pair can come into use when you spill gravy on your shirt and have a meeting to attend or at times when you come to office fully drenched.

    Also advisable is to keep an extra pair of shoes and a jacket.

  4. Chargers: These days most phones come with a data cable which can also be used to charge them. These cables are cheaper than chargers most of the time and serve other purposes too.
    If you possess a smart phone, you can copy your documents into it and have a look at them on the go!

    If you have a very basic phone, it’s a good idea to buy a spare charger. It also helps to get an extra adaptor in case of laptops, it will reduce the weight of your backpack considerably.

  5. Dustbin: The MOST important of them all. True, these days most cubicles have one. If you don’t, stop reading this right now and buy yourself a trash can. I just can’t emphasize how important this is 🙂

You can also consider buying the same model of keyboard/mouse which you use in your office for your home or vice versa depending on which is more comfortable. Trust me, this alone can increase your productivity if your job involves a lot of typing/ ‘mouse work’ “ 🙂

What do you keep in your cubicle?

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