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Lost in thoughts

It’s been ages since I looked at my own blog.  There is a steady flow of visitors to my blog although my last post was on 22nd June. For all of you who are wondering what I have been doing, and Why I am not writing ; I have been reading. Reading a lot.

The period of time just after one graduates from College is the most challenging if you ask for my opinion. Everyone is confused.
Some of my friends have gone abroad to do MS;  some of them to pursue their academic interest, and some of them coz they couldn’t  manage to get a job they wanted. For a good read about whether to do or not to do MS, read Swaroop CH’s post here.

There are others who are insistent on getting a job in their area and have hence refused job offers from some Mass recruiters. Everything’s going haywire. There are salary cuts in some companies, some good companies have not honored their offer letters. If you think Recession has not hit hard enough – think again.

I have been lost too, Masters was out of question. It never interested me. I am having my final interviews in a month or so at Microsoft. I haven’t received DOJ from Accenture as yet. I have decided, whatever I consider as my career plan must somehow add value to what I wanna do next, what I want to be say in the next 10 years.I had always envisioned my future self as an entrepreneur. I am hoping that vision would some day come true.

As a wise man once said – The first step towards achieving your goal is telling it to everyone around you. By doing that you make sure your family, friends and people around you constantly remind you of that goal. Back then, I thought that was a pretty cool idea, but only now am I actually putting it to good use..

I have been reading a lot management stuff lately, yes you read it right the first time, management. Somehow people always consider me as a Technical person and lot many of them even sounded surprised when I told them I was interested in pursuing Management academically some day. I came across this link which talks about some Core human skills which are essential to a person, whichever field he desires to wet his feet in.

From now on, I should consider keeping a spiral pad with me – ALWAYS. You never know when your grey cells cooks interesting stuff. This generally happens to me in late mornings, when I abruptly get up from sleep, losing continuity of my dreams. One day, I had to solve an interesting puzzle to get up from my sleep. After I got up I was amazed that I could solve that puzzle, but was startled when I couldn’t remember what it was! I had a strong feeling that it was a good one and still have 😛

It’s going haywire. Isn’t it? but hey, I warned you before. Look at the by line. These are my random thoughts! It’s too late and I gotta sleep before I lose track of what I am writing. As always, comments are welcome. Please let me know if this post gives you an impression that I was drunk when I wrote it. I will consider deleting it.

Signing off.
Yours truly


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