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It’s so easy to capture screenshots in Linux. At the press of print screen button, a dialog box opens up showing you a thumbnail Preview of the screenshot and asking you where to save the file.

I wanted something similar in Windows. Instead of searching for application to do that, I thought I will do it myself.

I am using user32.dll and gdi32.dll files to access the screen..

This is still in a nascent stage. (half an hour of development work). I think it will be useful to ppl who hate opening up notepad, paste, then change extension to jpeg(to save space. I have seen ppl sending me bmp screenshots too!! )

You can download the application from here


Please comment with feedback and feature requests.

How to use :

  1. Run the exe
  2. You will see a small icon in the taskbar area with PS written on it
  3. right click to bring up the context menu
  4. Choose take screenshot
  5. now double click/right click-> show to see the thumbnail preview
  6. Click on the save button to bring up a save dialog box
  7. Choose location for screen shot
  8. Minimizing the application will hide the application and you can access it through the taskbar again

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The Lonely Invincible

Alone, in a dark cold world,
Invincible, thou art dark lord.
rolling and drifting eternally,
contemplating why thou art alive..

Speak, you can
but to whom?
listen you can, but to whom?
See, feel and taste you can
but what?

Wanting to end this all,
wishing you weren’t you…
Living in a ray of hope,
hope to see another soul,
you scream and growl..

Skin that never ages,
Stomach that never grumbles,
Wounds which never bleed,
Eyes that never wear,
muscles that never tire..
You had wished for it,
now wishing you had never wished!

Hoping someone would break your spell,
bringing you back to life,
where you can feel pain,
feel… touch..taste.. and see..
Wishing you could die, and then… sleep eternally?

How you wish you were never born!

My first poem. Please comment.

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