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stupid Q n A

I was tagged by Ramesh!

I am jobless now anyway. So filling up this Questionaire..

Your crazy about ?
Ans:: I am not.

Your first thought when you hear โ€˜Pinkโ€™
Ans :: Strawberry, pink panther, lips, girlish.. Sorry can’t help, my thoughts are a bit fast you see.

You are impressed by ?
Ans :: How much technology has progressed in so little time.

You are turned off by ?
ANS: Bad Odour, sweaty palms and stupidity.

You are glad you arenโ€™t ??
ANS :: Dead

You know you’re sad when ?
Ans :: I can’t convince myself that Whatever happened was for good.

Music is
Ans :: Not metallic!

ANS :: Why not? ๐Ÿ˜›

Do you want to find your better half now?
ANS :: I am my better half.

Commitment, right now?
Ans :: I don’t believe in commitments.

Best part about School?
Ans ::Memories about it.

Best part about college?
Ans :: Friends.

How will you handle this recession?
Ans :: Surf with the tide

Career over love?
Ans :: It’s more like career with love

You hate it when
Ans :: People disagree with me.

Your sibling is
Ans :: A clothoholic

You know you’re in trouble when
Ans :: When I am chatting in the wrong window ๐Ÿ™‚

You know you’re in love when
Ans :: I am not online

You wish you had

Ans ::Everything I ever wanted

Ans :: The only thing I dread of

Old age?
Ans :: Time to spend all your saved money!

Your favorite stress buster
Ans :: Sleeping

Thrifty or splurgey?
Ans :: Thrifty

Favorite game?
Ans :: Counter Strike
Youโ€™d lay down your ego for?
Ans :: Nothing

You donโ€™t understand
ANS :: Electronics!!

Common perception about you, which is untrue.
Ans :: that I am a flirt. I respect girls a lot ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .. Girls. Pay attention to this ๐Ÿ™‚

Something that is actually true.

Ans :: I am arrogant.

Ans :: I don’t care. I am Agnostic.

Ans :: Very open minded. I thank them for letting me the way I want to be.

I tagย  Sharathchandra now …


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My new best friend : Digsby

Digsby is a multi-protocol IM + Social + E-mail manager. It is a single application which can almost replace your browser and your array of Instant Messengers.

I got to know about Digsby through a tweet from my friend Prashanth.

Here is a screen shot :


Hover on the Email providers list and it will pop out your inbox. You can preview your messages in the pop-up window. Digsby also lets you perform basic operations like Open, Delete, Report Spam and Mark as unread straight from the client.

The IM is more or less like any other Multi protocol client viz Pidgin.

Make sure you uncheck Show Icon in Tray under general preferences if you don’t want to clutter your taskbar.

A well implemented pop up unlike the others from Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and others lets you reply while you are browsing without switching windows. This is one of the features I really liked.

A nice option added which asks you what to do when you are running a Full Screen Application. I hate Gtalk disturbing me when I playing a game, hence I have disabled all notifications when I am in full screen mode. Really useful for gamers who are Gtalk addicts.

You can also send an email to any of your contacts right from digsby. It won’t open a browser window.

The now playing status message also works flawlessly. It grabbed the song name from KMPlayer. My Gtalk used to crash whenever I tried using that option.

It takes around 40 MB of memory with 3-4 chat windows open.


  • Invsible mode doesn’t work for Gtalk yet!! Come on Google..Clean up your APIs.
  • No Buzz!. Not there in other IM as well except Yahoo. Would be a real good addition.
  • Cannot initiate conference chats. Haven’t tried joining one yet.

That is all I can think of right now. It’s a real good addition or should I say replacement for your list of desktop applications.

Highly Recommended

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To believe or not to believe

Long time since I watched any movie, so I thought I would watch one tonight. Cleaned my headphones, adjusted the tilt of my monitor, got something to eat and bang! The power went off!!

There I go, jobless again.

There is a funny fellow who is a family friend of mine. He hails from a village in Belgaum and is a very good craftsman. He is avidly religious and a hobby astrology and numerology consultant. Many a people ask him about their fate. Poor guy, very innocent, doesn’t even charge money for consulting. I KNOW. He has a lot of followers, people in really great positions seeking his consultation.

He is all set to go back home tomorrow and some relatives of mine wanted to make ‘best use’ of this bitti opportunity. They were asking all sort of questions. Will X get married? Will my son pass exams? Will I make more money?

This was happening in the open space next to room. That explains why I was all set to start watching movie !!

Now there is no power and I went out to get a glimpse of the moonlight. I was shocked to see people actually making him read their fate in, no not moon light-it wasn’t so bright today anyway; but ‘mobile-light’..I was curious, wanted to know how this guy does it.

He gets your lucky number(X) from your name. (In Hindu Religion, the syllable your name starts with has got to do something with the timestamp ๐Ÿ˜› of your birth), asks you to choose a number(Y) from an 2 dimensional array printed on a book. It is in some weird fashion. Could not identify the pattern, and the whole book is written in Marathi

There are only a finite set of questions you can ask. Finite>300 atleast. It covers almost allย  common types. Now X +Y+(question index) will act as a primary key to list of sentences. These sentences are very vague, some examples which I heard.Excuse me for poor translation.

Actually you need to choose 3 numbers in the second step(the matrix one). So eventually you will get your fate as 3 sentences. Examples are shown below.

1. This work will be done..

2. This work will be successful only if you firmly believe in it (So revealing)!

3.You should not neglect god, and pray to him/her/it daily.

4.Many obstacles in the course of work, you should plan carefully.

5. Your friends will help you with this..

6. You should work hard/put effort to achieve whats there in your mind.

and the list goes on..

Now I got a blur idea as to how this whole thing works..But, mind you, the consultant himself doesn’t have a clue. For him, it is the book of fate, he is innocent and he just wants to help people. He gets joy and happiness when someone comes back to him after a few days/months and tells him what he had told earlier was true.

Now, do this..Think of any question. Don’t you think most of the statements in my short incomplete list, can serve as an answer to your question?

The power cuts are for an hour. I still had 30 mins before I could start wasting my time online. I had a wild idea, why not ask him something related to me.

I first asked him if he could tell me about my past. He said, he can only tell the future. Past isย  past you see..damn, I cannot prove him wrong here by asking something about my past, events regarding which I was certain of.

Now, I am left with nothing but the future. I thought of asking about my immediate future. Something which is very probable. I asked him if I will pass in my exams.

I have never failed even in a single subject my entire life. Somehow I have managed to scrape through engineering, even managed to get a few distinctions.. and I am in my final semester now..With only 4 subjects, no labs, a seminar and a project, my chances of failing are very bleak. Touch wood. ๐Ÿ˜›

He made me touch/select 3 numbers from that 2-D array. I chose some random number there.

Here were my predictions :

1.This work will be done. I will pass. Yeah baby. No more worrying about HOD detaining me for shortage of attendance.( Yeah, that’s one of the ways I could have failed)

2. Things will move very smoothly : In other words, exam paper will be easy. Good news for some of you readers as well ๐Ÿ˜›

3. I should start believing more in God : I was shocked. I asked him to read the actual marathi script. I felt he was not faking. Even the number was right. He had calculated that number (key) properly, I double checked. How in the world could that book know I didn’t believe in god?!? But then, there was this word ‘more’ there. Now that becomes quite generic. Right? even the most god fearing and religious person can still believe more in god right. Belief is never complete.

I was a little confused after this episode, should I really start believing in god?

Then my mom came to my rescue, she asked me what kind of wife I would get and something about my marriage ๐Ÿ˜‰

The same routine continues, I started picking random numbers. I am such a prick, I chose 0000 (all zeroes). He asked me to pick again somewhy. I did as he requested me to.

The following prediction blew me away.

1. Very high chance of work(karya) getting started this year itself :

He understood the ‘inner’ meaning of it and explained to me that I have a high chance of getting married this year itself. Now this was enough to doubt the correctness of the book. There is no way I am gonna get married this year. I was wondering what the hell is he talking. Can’t he see I am still a young boy ๐Ÿ™‚ Then he asked my age, I told him 21.ahh.. Now he was in a fix.

Clever guy, he told me that now I haveย  – I don’t have the right english word-
excuse me for sounding a bit techy here; my marriage window open! Ok, I was like OK I am 21, my marriage window is surely open. 2 more sentences, more fun.

2. Your friends will help you in this work – Why wouldn’t they? Right? ๐Ÿ™‚

3. This work will be done within 2 years – Ahh, not again. Not even in my dreams I will get married so soon. I knew this was flawed. I was wondering how it could even give such nice answers. Only then did I realize that all these statements are very generic, and can be interpreted based on your convenience.

My fan started running. Modem LEDs started blinking and I started blogging.

The point to take home today is that – Our forefathers were not so stupid, stupid but not so stupid ๐Ÿ™‚ It takes a lot of time, patience, intelligence and knack to build such a huge list of generic answer which will fit as a valid answer to any question. Kudos to them.

I have a similar feeling about Astrology too. I respect their mathematics a lot. Their calculations have been very precise. Panchanga is a master piece, but they should have stopped at that. Not go around making a connection between transit of venus and the fate of a poor earthling. And also go to an extent of calling it science.

Before I make more comments which could potentially lead to flame war, I am signing off. Hope you didn’t mind my long post.

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