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EU accuses Microsoft of harming browser competition

The European Commission accused Microsoft Corp on Friday of stymieing competition by bundling its Internet Explorer Web browser with Windows systems.

This sounds ridiculous to me. I do agree there should be competition, for competition leads to better products. But, this is definitely not the way to kill it. There are umpteen applications which depends on IE internally for their smooth functioning. The ones I use, Winamp – to browse, Feedreader and Yahoo! Messenger – to play games. They all load IE in background.

Don’t believe me? Try disconnecting your internet connection while you are browsing. You will find an IE connection error page. Surprised?

Apart from this reason, say you don’t want to use IE for some reason, and wish to download Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari/What have you. How would you go about downloading it?I know some geeks will give me a top 10 list on how to do it, but Windows is not only for Geeks!

Internet Explorer is provided with Windows to provide a good out of the box experience. Every Operating system bundles a browser with it ! Most Linux distributions bundle Firefox with it, is it to crush Konqueror? Apple bundles Safari. Why is no one raising questions about them?

To make the long story short, I strongly believe a decision to exclude Internet Explorer will prove to be a disaster and strongly against the Goal of any Operating System : To provide a good User Experience.


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Hi everyone. I got my new BSNL connection today. I have heard a lot of woes from my friends using BSNL broadband about their erratic billing.

Here I am going to show you how to get good download speeds, and automate the process of restarting your modem at 2. Now you can sleep peacefully. Read on.

Tools :

  1. Windows XP Professional(Don’t ask me for download links :P)
  2. BSNL Modem. I guess it works with all Modems. I am using the Indian ITI modem DNA A211-1
  3. Bridged mode connection . I haven’t figured out a way to connect more than 2 computers in bridge mode. If you know how to do it, please Contact Me
  4. Notepad
  5. Freebyte’s Task Scheduler. You can use the Windows Task Scheduler too. I somewhat prefer using this application.

Creating a bridged connection.

  • Open a browser. type
  • You will be presented with a dialog box. The default username and password is ‘admin’. Type that and proceed
  • You will now see your modem configuration page.

Pitfall 1 : If you cannot access this page. Try turning off your firewall unless you know how to add an exception

  • In the Modem Configuration page : Click on Advanced Setup, then on WAN.
  • In the WAN setup page, in the first row (horizontal), click on Edit button.
  • Next again. Don’t change anything.
  • Now in the ‘Connection Type’ page. Select Bridging . Next. Next. Save.
  • Now you will be diverted to the Modem’s main page. Click on Save/Reboot.
  • Wait for 2 minutes till your modem reboots. You are done with the first part.

Creating a dialer for the new bridged connection

  • Start –> Control Panel –> Network Connections
  • On the left hand side, select create a new Connection
  • Click on Next
  • Make sure Connect to the internet option is checked. Click Next.
  • Select ‘Set up my Connection manually’. Click Next.
  • Select Connect using a broadband connection that requires username and password and click next
  • Give some name to the connection. e.g., mybsnl (Remember this name. It is important)
  • Enter username and password. You would have got this username and password from BSNL.
  • Select Add a short cut to my desktop and click Finish.

Creating batch files

  • Open Notepad
  • Type “rasdial mybsnl(or whatever name you have given) userid password
  • Save as “dial.bat” in some location. Make sure you choose “All files” in the type field while saving. To save the trouble, type the file name with “ included.
  • In another document Type “rasdial mybsnl /disconnect”
  • Save as “disconnect.bat”

P S : You can double click on the dial.bat to connect to the internet when in bridged mode.


  • Voila You are done. Do not forget to keep this scheduler open. Do not Close it. Do not press the ‘X’ button. I am repeating this as this is important.
  • You can also go to Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Systems Tools –> Scheduled tasks
  • Add a scheduled task similar to the one described above. One for disconnect at 2:00 AM, Connect at 2:05 AM and again Disconnect at 7:55 AM. If you wish you can also add a Connect routine at 8:01 AM

Use a download manager or torrent manager with scheduler. You can use flashget or uTorrent.

Sleep peacefully and enjoy automated downloads. If you have any doubts, you can leave a comment.

Hope you find it useful.

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Happy Sankranthi to everyone. I got a new BSNL connection today, so far it has been an amazing experience.

My first cartoon post using BSNL connection.

Today's kindergarten Children

Today's kindergarten Children

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Welcome to the world of torrents. The internet is filled with torrent sites which promises to be the best, only later to be disappointed with inappropriate material and loads of pop ups and ads.

I love mininova, it has a very large user base and very ‘family friendly’. I generally use torrents to only download TV episodes. Mininova always has all the latest episodes, but the Seeders are generally lower than Leechers, so you might not be able to download at the maximum transfer rate.

This is where Private trackers come in handy. These are called private because only registered users can download torrents from their sites. They more often than not, will have rules forcing a user to maintain a minimum download/upload ratio. If the ratio goes below a fixed threshold they will be banned from the site.

This helps in keeping a good share of seeders, and also urge the users to share more.

IPtorrents is one of the many private torrents available online. I love it for it’s ease of use, honest recording of uploads/downloads and their bonus feature(more on this later).

First of all IPtorrents is an invite only site, this is deliberately done to prevent misuse from people who sign up, download loads of stuff and don’t mind being banned because they know for sure they can sign up for another account. So, Obviously you need an invite to join, and invites are provided in limited numbers to existing members. I am planning to give away 5 invites to people who can assure me that they will maintain a good ratio.

Why only IPT?

  • Freeleech : These are tags attached to certain torrents, for which downloads doesn’t count and only upload counts. Keep in mind that you need not maintain a good ratio with individual torrents, only overall your ratio should be good. You can find really good torrents with these tags –complete season of a series, complete collection of movies of a director/actor etc.
  • Bonus Points : There may be situations where you may not be able to maintain a good ratio because there are simply not enough leechers. Fret not, your sharing is not unrewarded. You keep accumulating bonus points for every hour you seed, which can later be used to get invites or improve your ratio.

See you in IPT. Leave a comment stating why you need an IPT invite, and also try to convince me you deserve one 🙂

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Lady Lecturers in VTU

This is dedicated to Lady Lecturers in VTU, who have to do the nappy pads, wash dishes, cook for their loved ones and on top of it have to teach us people.

Situation : In midst of a presentation, the mouse(trackpad… hey but I should use their language :P) goes conk.This is based on a true incident.

PS : The presentation is running in Windowed mode 🙂

Lady lecturer in trouble

There are some more details in the cartoon. Try if you can find them..

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Happy new year folks. This year is nice to me, I am getting a lot of visits to my blog lately. Thanks for the support you have shown me by visiting, and more so by commenting directly on the blog and indirectly by other means as well.

Girls in Engineering College

Girls In Engineering Colleges

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