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Free Kaspersky Anti-virus 2009

Happy Diwali to all my readers,

As a Diwali gift, I am planning to give genuine free Kasperksy Anti virus software to everyone. As you might already be aware of, Kaspersky is one of the leading Antivirus Software makers in the world.

KAV : Kaspersky Anti-virus and KIS : Kaspersky Internet Security are their two very known and acclaimed products. KIS  is KAV + Firewall. I will show you how to get genuine 6 months license for KAV.

click here to visit Kaspersky India website and on the top left corner you have a link to get free KAV 2009.

Once again, Happy and Safe Diwali to you and your computer 🙂

Disclaimer : I don’t work for Kaspersky Labs nor do I get any commission by promoting Kaspersky. This is for general public information and my 2 cents to promote usage of genuine software.


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Subroto Bagchi is the ‘Gardener’ and co-founder of Mindtree Consulting.

I am really impressed and awed by the fact that great people manage to spare some time to interact with the public. I had heard Mr.Bagchi address the Distinction Awardees in our college some time back, his talk was enlightening and inspiring for budding engineers like us.

Only recently did I notice that he has a blog which he updates regularly. I read quite a few posts and I cannot stop admiring his simplicity and down-to-earth attitude.

Click Here to read Mr.Bagchi’s blog.

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I will keep this post short. We had new systems for our trainings today.

Quad Core Processors(Q 6600)  with 8 GB RAM !!!

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Why Bangalore Auto Drivers suck?

Autos are indispensible at times, but it’s a nuisance most of the times.

Even though the number of Auto Rickshaws, popularly called autos in Bangalore, exceed the required figures by a vast margin, the Govt. has been giving licenses to anyone and everyone!

Auto Drivers in Bangalore are very different from their counterparts in other parts of this country. They believe they are RoadKings! No one dares to argue with Auto Drivers, thanks to their so called Auto Drivers Union !

With an exception of a few, like in most other cases, autowalas are characterized by their rudeness, refusal to go on hire, loud music and reckless driving !

Inform them that its illegal to refuse to go on a  hire, that its a punishable offense under Motor Vehicles Act and get ready for that killer stare from them! They start abusing everyone starting from the traffic police to the transport minister!

Demanding excess fare and refusal to go on hire is so common in Bangalore, and Policemen themselves are least bothered about it. I have tried complaining to a Policeman once, but in vain – No action taken. You will end up in a situation where the auto drivers laugh at you!

The traffic police in Bangalore are no better when it comes to such incidents, Phew! I will save it for another post!

Having Pre-paid auto kiosks was a neat idea and I hope it gets implemented on a large scale.

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I never could image Bangalore would advance so much so soon!

I came across this incredibly useful and innovative website of Bangalore Transport Information System which relays live traffic data! You have access to live images from various parts of the city. It also has a traffic map which shows the density of moving vehicles in that region, classified based on their speeds.

It also has numerous other utilities for searching bus routes, carpool services, airport shuttle service etc.

A must visit website for every bangalorean.

A picture from the website is shown here as an example.

Way to go Bangalore.

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I was cribbing about becoming young and going back to school for sometime now. Here’s one thing which I did to bring back my old school days :

Downloaded a copy of Space Commanders II – The first game I ever played on a computer ! It goes way back to class 4 (1997) ! I was thrilled to find that game online, and only 5k. And my ‘modern’ computer won’t run that !

Fix: Downloaded DOSBox, a free 386/486 emulator. Yippee!! The game runs super smooth..Those dos-sounds, black and white screen (was actually green back in my school) and simple game play is unbeatable. I can say I relived my childhood for 20 mins.

My exposure to computers was so bad that I had actually written “The use of space bar is to kill invaders” as an answer to “What’s the use of space bar?”..LOL.. Good old days.

For those of you who are curious to see how the game looks like, here you go

Good old Space Commanders

Good old Space Commanders

Thats it for the day, will look for digger and dave tomorrow. And may be programming in LOGO 😀

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I found this Dictionary cum thesaurus cum pronunciation guide called Wordweb around 6 months back, and have been using this to find quick meaning or pronunciations of weird words.

It has 2 versions, free and pro.Free versions has some limitations, of course!

You can search for words like p?d and it will return results like pad, pod. Now isn’t that handy while solving a crossword?

The pro version also has an anagram solver; but all these are not the reasons I blogged about it.

Today, I got a window alert saying that free trial has ended and I have to answer a question to continue.
Then I was presented with a question asking me how often I fly. I was dumbfounded ! Why would it want to know this? I honestly answered that I have never flown.

And then, it allowed me to use wordweb till I fly not more than 2 flights an year. Lol, what a way to decide that I can’t afford nor care to buy a pro version. Clever thinking Indeed. I had the screen shot, and unfortunately pressed the print screen again before saving it.

If any of you do download and use that utility, and encounter this funny situation in the future. Please send me a screenshot.

Signing off,


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