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The Illusionist is a very well directed movie with a captivating storyline..Its about a magician who dreams of marrying a duchess, a woman far above him on  the social ladder.

The storyline is very catching and you wont get bored even for a moment… You need to watch the whole movie very carefully to understand it completely.

I dont wanna spoil the fun of watching it by making you read the story..I recommend this movie for people who dont hate DRAMA movies..IMDB rating 7.7


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Hi folks..Had internet trouble like always.. I was enjoying my hols watching a lot of movies and series..I did design a website for Center for Intelligence Systems, PES, Bangalore..It didn’t take much of my time, but spent a good deal of it editing it looking for mistakes..

 have a look.


 This isn’t my way of designing websites, but this was more like designing it so that it looks nice when printed on a paper..

This is another website that I designed.


just to make my blog look a bit bigger, I will add some movie reviews..

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